App Idea??

Hey everyone!
I have this idea for an app, but want to beta test it first. The goal here is to be able to clean up your neighborhood without having to call the city to organize an official clean up.

The way it works is, if you see a spot that has a lot of trash, you would drop a pin at that location and describe what the issue is, ie: cigarette butts, graffiti, litter, overgrown grass, etc. Once you complete the mini cleanup, you would post a picture of the finished area for approval from the poster. Long term, I would love to get some sort of rewards system in place to incentivize more people to participate.

In these very first stages though, I haven’t figured out how to make an interactive map. So if you see a spot that needs some love, please email me at and I’ll add it for you. 🙂

Thanks guys for being supportive and I hope this makes a little difference in the community.

Also, if you’re a person who knows how to code simple apps like this – HALP?!


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