A Zero Waste Christmas… sort of.

Hey guys!

I’ve seen so many great zero waste christmas ideas, from DIY soaps and scrubs to wrapping all your gifts in scarves. They all look so cussing awesome and I planned to participate this year.


I’m not.

I realized those gifts and that type of wrapping is great for local gifts, but not for shipping. Having family on opposite sides of the country makes present giving a little harder. Although I consider myself someone who is organized, I really dropped the ball on Christmas this year.

Next year, I will definitely start buying the presents for everyone is September. haha. I realized that if I wanted to zero waste wrap all the presents I bought, I would have to have the presents shipped to me, then wrap them in a zero waste manner, then ship them to my family members. Totally doable, just not at the last minute.


I would also like to point out that my family members like to send “Santa letters” to each other with links on where to buy them, to make everything super simple and easy. Next year, I plan on hunting down the items instead of purchasing them online so I can avoid all that packing waste.


The other reason why I felt kind of weird going completely zero waste this year because I had so many bags and boxes and wrapping paper left over to go through. I really wanted to clear out all of those items before I started replacing them. I know I could have donated or recycled the items, but I’m way too into the mindset of “I bought it, that’s my money, I need to use it.”

Let me know if you guys have made any zero waste adjustments to your holiday traditions and if they went smoothly or not.

** All these images are borrowed with permission from @rocket_science on instagam. She has such an awesome zero waste account and if you need any inspiration on zero waste wrapping, definitely check her out. **

Talk soon,

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