Zero Waste Flying

Hey guys!

I have to admit, I dropped the ball a bit on this post. I was planning on taking pictures of everything and making this super cute post about how easy my zero waste flying experience was – but life and my nerves got the best of me. I took no pictures, played Adele’s new album on repeat, and tried not to barf during take off and landing. (just FYI, proud to report, no barfing. Thanks Adele. You’re the real MVP)

First thing I did was google what I could bring through TSA, surprisingly it was a lot. They basically hate liquids, jellies, and spreads, but are totally cool with everything else. What I ended up bringing was 3 12oz mason jars full of trail mix I made, some apples, and a sandwich. I also brought my empty Brita filtered water bottle and had them fill it up once I was at the gate.

I was so excited to go through security and have them not even care. It was so nice knowing I wasn’t creating any waste while flying and the best part is I didn’t have to pay a million dollars for a water and a sandwich once I was at the airport.

That’s about where the happiness ended. I totally forgot about cabin pressure and science and everything that comes along with that. On our first flight out, I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t open any of my food. I did have a full water bottle with me, that decided to literally fountain out of the mouth spout once we hit cruising altitude. It went all over my sweatshirt, my pillow, and I had the pleasure of sitting in water for the whole flight.

When our connecting flight took off, I was wiser and wetter (:/), and decided to loosen the top off of the water bottle and open the mouth spout so there wouldn’t be any way for any pressure to build up. I was on top of it and watched it the whole time. No water was spilled, but by this time, I was hungry.

I reached down for one of my mason jars, went to screw off the top, and it popped off and made this loud gun shot noise. The top of the jar flew off and separated about 3-5 rows in front of my seat. As you can imagine, that is basically the worst sound to hear on a full plane. People passed back my lid and top to the jar, and I think everyone was a little shaken the rest of the flight. The trail mix tasted a bit bitter after that.

Sorry guys, I was hungry. Lesson learned.

In conclusion, zero waste travel is definitely possible – but should come with warnings. Watch a Bill Nye episode about pressure and then fly with your zero waste supplies. TSA was super easy to get through and no one questioned my jars or stainless steel lunchbox. I’m happy to say it was a success, albeit an enteratining success.

Talk soon,


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