Zero Waste Master Class

Hey Guys!

Yes, my first master class. (Side note: It’s driving me nuts that I can’t find online whether “master class” is one word, or two. Bear with me.) I am so cussing nervous, but also excited. I am walking this weird internal line of “Only 7 spots!? That’s gonna sell out too quick and people are going to be so mad at you.” but also, “7 whole spots!? Are you nuts! How are you going to fill that?!”

I’ve been wanting to host a class for awhile now. When I started this zero waste journey, a lot of people had a lot of the same questions. Even though I love talking about zero waste and love answering anyone’s questions, I thought that a class would be a great alternative.

I am so looking forward to having a room full of like-minded people, all eager to make a change.

I am also very excited to shutdown stereotypes and bring a whole new outlook into the mainstream daily life. I get teased a lot at work and most people that are from the south call me granola and ask me if I shave my legs. Which is fine. I know most of the time it’s all in good fun. What upsets me more is that there’s this assumption that if you care about the earth, you also don’t bathe, don’t shave, and spend all your free time inside a drum circle. If that sounds like you, carry on with your bad self, but that’s not me.

If I can help change the public’s view about people who are “green”, I’ve succeeded. Nashville is such a growing, contemporary city and I am so excited to potentially be a part of that change and growth.

The class is going to be an hour long, and I will also be giving everyone a “Zero Waste Starter kit” at the end of the class. It will go over what zero waste is, why it’s important, and how to start on the journey yourself. I hope to focus on the very important fact that the goal for everyone may not be zero waste, but less waste. I really hope that when everyone leaves my class they understand that by simply bringing a reusable water bottle, rather than a plastic bottle, they’re a superhero. I don’t want to bring on any guilt or any paranoia that they all have to be zero waste or they fail.

Baby steps, guys.

If you’re reading this, live in or around Nashville and are thinking you might want one of those 7 spots, click here.

If you don’t live in Nashville, but know someone who does – feel free to spread the word like wild fire.

The community I’ve fallen into and the friendships I’ve made on Instagram have really helped me throughout this journey. They answer all the questions and encourage me during those little victories. I really, really hope to create that same camaraderie here, in person, in Nashville.

Talk soon,

PS: Special shoutout to Lauren Singer and Andrea Sanders for really inspiring me to go through with this class. They’re awesome and their websites are super helpful. 🙂

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