Look Ma! No Plastic!

Hey guys!

Let’s be honest, making your own beauty products sounds awful. From the effort to making them, to the fact that you don’t even know if they’ll work – can’t be a good idea. But after using my Lush products, I have become more accepting of the more natural choices. After I went through my Febreze and facial lotion I decided to give DIY a chance.

The DIY Febreze was super easy to make and all I had to buy were the essential oils. I purchased Jasmine and it smells so good. Although, the recipe called for 8-10 drops, I can barely smell it on my fabrics. So I definitely dropped about 5 – 50 more inside. Since the base is alcohol, it does have a strong odor when spraying it, but that lasts about 5 seconds and then everything just smells clean and fresh.

The facial lotion was a little bit more difficult. I am making my own because I wanted to reduce the plastic in our home, but in order to make this lotion you need aloe vera. So I went to the store and bought the aloe vera but then thought to myself this is pointless. This bottle of aloe is plastic and the facial lotion I would have bought would be the same size, so how am I saving plastic? I couldn’t find any answers besides to find some in bulk – impossible. So I bought an aloe vera plant, and will be using it from now on.

[in a glass canning jar with a metal lid]
1 part coconut butter or coconut oil
2 parts aloe vera
8-10 drops of essential oil

[in a glass bottle, with aluminium top]
1 part rubbing alcohol
1 part water
8-10 (or 50) drops of essential oil

I used tea tree oil in my lotion, rather than an essential oil because I have acne and wanted to make sure I was still fighting that issue. The coconut oil definitely makes this lotion super oily. Yes – I know that sounds obvious, but it was much more oily than I originally assumed. I use about a pea size or smaller for my whole face, neck and hands. I was warned by a friend that the natural oils would clean out the pores on my face, so I could break out while my body adjusts. I haven’t encountered that yet – but I also only use it when my face feels like it needs some moisture. I definitely don’t use it every night. We’ll see how long that lasts with winter right around the corner.

It does smell a bit odd because the coconut oil is sweet and delicious and the tea tree oil is, well, tea tree oil. I got used to it and now kind of enjoy the smell.

Next, I am interested in potentially a stain remover. But I’m sorry, oxyclean is absolutely amazing and it gets everything out. I don’t see how a natural substitute would be just as effective. This might be a plastic guilty pleasure I am sticking with. :/

Talk soon,

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