Lush Haul Empties

Hey guys!

I have officially gone through everything I bought at Lush awhile back. I am still in shock at how long the products lasted. Everything is so small! But they’ve lasted almost longer than anything jumbo sized from CVS.

Curly Wurly Shampoo: I didnt mind this one. The consistancy was weird, but I definitely got used to it. I especially learned to put it all over my head and then add a little of water and then scrub – works a lot better. It leaves little chunks of coconut in your hair that usually would brush out when dry, but there were a couple times a glob would be on top of my head and look like dandruff and that’s not cute.

SUBSTITUTE: Shampoo Bar! I believe the scent I bought is Jason and the Argan Oil. It smells so cussing good. It has rose and lemon in it and I want to eat it, but I won’t. I didnt understand how shampoo could be in bar form, but it works so much better than the Curly Wurly goop. Once your hair is thoroughly wet, you just rub this little nugget all over your head and suds up and is awesome. I bought the tin for it and keep it closed when not in use so it doesn’t get water logged. LOVE this.

Veganese Conditioner: This smells so good, but thats about it. I couldn’t tell if it was working or not, and since you’re only supposed to use a small amount I felt like it was pointless.

SUBSTITUTE: This crazy shampoo bar. I don’t remember what scent I chose, but I looked on and apparently there’s only one. I have that. This chunk of love is so weird. The smell is overpowering. I can put other products in my hair, dry it, style it and still all I smell is this bar. Like the Veganese, I don’t know if this is doing anything to my hair. I won’t be buying this again.

T’eo Deodorant: Definitely one of the best things, ever. Not only is it plastic free, but it smells so good and works really well. No substitute for this one. I love too much to buy something else.

Retread tester conditioner: Absolutely disgustung. It smells like hot rubber and patchouli oil. So not down. Definitely not buying a full size.

R&B Deep Conditioner: This stuff is magical. Definitely my favorite item I purchased. I use it almost everyday, and look how much is left! Can’t say enough good things about this.

Toothy Tabs: I’ll admit I was nervous to use these on a regular basis. The texture is like brushing your teeth with chalk and none of the flavors they offer are the standard pepermint or minty fresh. So it’s a giant mindf*** trying to understand how using something that tastes like cloves and coffee (Atomic flavor) is helping your teeth and breath. But I’ve grown accustom to them and don’t think I’ll ever go back to normal toothpaste. After I was done with my Dirty Toothy Tabs, my boyfriend and I bought Atomic and now he’s hooked as well. I also purchased a new flavor for me, Ultrablast, because it smells like mint and I’m trying to keep it as normal as possible. I will confess the Atomic flavor is delicious though. As far as Ultrablast goes – I know, looks gross. Why would anyone combine lavendar and wasabi and mint – just NO. But it’s actually my favorite so far and leaves a fresh minty taste.

Between my last haul and now I finally went through all my face wash – Woo! F*** you, microbeads!! Never buying microbeads again. Instead, I opted to try this acne fighting solid face wash.

It’s called Coal Face and it’s sent from heaven. I have bad acne and have been losing an active world war III with it for years. This chunk of black gold is winning the battle. It has charcoal and licorice and other happy things and works like a dream. The chunks of charcoal replace the evil microbeads which I love because I wanted some sort of scrub. Highly recommend.

I am still so in love with Lush and hope some of you venture into one of their stores soon. Let me know if you try something weird!

Talk soon,

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