My Trash

Hey guys!

By now I have some zero waste shopping experiences under my belt and have accumulated a bunch of reusable items to get me through my day, so I have decided to start collecting my trash.

That’s right. I will now know how much trash I make in a month. I’m not going to count anything that I have purchased before the month, that just happens to run out during September. I’m only counting trash I purchase as of today.

I’m slightly nervous that I’m going to make an ass out of myself. I’ve been on this zero waste journey, and if I end up still making a lot of trash – well, that’s just embarrassing. I know I’m at least making a little bit of a difference with my lifestyle changes, but I really want to be completely waste free.

As much as I am nervous, I’m definitely more excited. I’m so curious to see how much trash I actually make in a month. I definitely have noticed a difference over the past couple months already. Our recycle bin is always over flowing and we are definitely taking out the trash a lot less. To be clear, trash is anything that can’t be composted, recycled or reused.

I’ve bought another large mason jar, like my smoothie jar, and will be keeping the trash in there. Really scared it won’t all fit in the jar, but I don’t think I have any large items, so cross your fingers.

Wish me luck!

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