OMG, you’re like, so healthy. Like SO healthy.

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about a “normal” upbringing. What even is that? Does that exist? Is normal even a thing, or is normal just a fancy word for ‘the majority of people do it this way’? To give you a background on my “normal” childhood and what we ate – it was healthy. We never had soda or junk food in the house. If we had anything that was considered unhealthy it was a special occasion, like a birthday or my dad had done the shopping and only bought mint chip ice cream, whole milk and frosted flakes. My school lunches always had a balanced diet. Usually a peanut butter and honey sandwich, some apples, (no skin, because – ew), some graham crackers or tortilla chips, and a napkin with a love note from my mom that I will never admit I loved because I’m still trying to be cool.

In Nashville however, it’s a lot of “down home” southern cooking, fast food and complete disregard for salad. Salad is totally offended – btw. And no – a fried chicken salad does not count.

To me, anything unhealthy should be few and far between. Although, I was raised with the awareness of nutrition and what was bad for me – we weren’t perfect and I definitely understand that there are things you can’t give up or change. But that’s not what is so awful. That’s not my point.

One of the most shocking things for me moving here, was that eating healthy for every meal was considered weird. Since I’m allergic to basically everything, I tend to make my own food. When I make my own food, it’s going to be healthy. Even when it’s dessert, it’s going to be healthy. What’s the point of creating your own meals, if you’re going to be, essentially, poisoning yourself. Dessert can be chocolate dipped bananas with peanut butter. It’s delicious, and won’t give you heart disease. There is nothing more annoying than coming into work everyday and having at least one person comment on my food. EVERY. DAY.

I have a couple friends who talk about their weight, what they eat, and how they look more often than the weather and traffic – combined. Clearly they’re aware of it, so why are they so reluctant to change? I’m assuming it’s because of how they were raised. If everyday as a child they were allowed to eat whatever they want, and now as an adult, they are trying to be healthy – nothing will ever taste as good as that fried chicken and fries.

The human body treats food and drugs almost the same. If everyday you eat sugary and high fatty foods, you will crave those foods. It’s an addiction. Stop giving your body crap, and your body will have a withdrawal, and then have a party. You will start to crave that salad, without the fried chicken on top. You will see a difference in your energy, or those headaches you always get, or your insomnia. Food effects them all, so why not change? Stop eating crap and you’ll stop feeling like crap.

Just to let you in on what I do put in my face, it’s not all kale and pine nuts. My staple foods are apples and peanut butter, veggies and ranch, a homemade burrito bowl, a matcha smoothie, and a romaine salad with random fixings. Obviously I do not eat just these foods everyday, but at least one of these items is my backpack everyday.

What breaks my heart is people asking me about my meals, and wanting me to teach them about nutrition out of complete desperation. No one should be that unaware of diet and nutrition. One woman I talked to, who has an obese daughter and is obese herself, started crying because she didn’t know what to do, and also couldn’t say ‘no’ to her child. First off, saying ‘no’ to your child regarding junk food is never a bad thing – EVER. If you can’t handle saying no to your child, or have them cry because they wanted McDonald’s, check yourself. But here, food is a way of life. Food is religion. Food is happiness. So denying your child junk food, is essentially denying your child happiness. That is why people are so unhealthy here. Food is not happiness. Food is sustenance. Memories are happiness. The people at the dinner table are happiness. Food is not.

Not saying food can’t be delicious, because let me tell you – I could eat apples with globs of peanut butter all day. ALL. DAY. The most important thing is that people learn to make their food delicious and healthy. All food is delicious if you want it to be. I feel like no one makes their own food anymore. If you make your own food, you can control how delicious it is. Hence, my globs of peanut butter.

I am thinking of posting a couple YouTube videos of how I make my food, healthy and zero waste. Let me know if that’s something that sounds interesting. 🙂 For now, here are some of my favorite info-graphics.

Click here for the 24 must see diagrams that I live by.

Below is the best smoothie chart, ever.

Hope those help!

Talk soon,

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