I’m Not a Millionaire

Hey Guys!
I’ve been meeting so many amazing and helpful people on instagram and I love seeing all of their zero waste journeys. What I have noticed is that every has mason jars, and a bamboo toothbrush and metal straws and the special mason jars with the lids that have a straw hole and cloth bags for produce and farmer’s markets that are fully stocked.

So frustrating.

My Container Store items alone were over $40. I don’t have an extra $40 to spend every week to become waste-free. So I binge read a lot of blogs and looked at the beginning of a lot of peoples’ waste free lives. None of them started with buying everything at the get go. I’ve watched some YouTube videos that kind of tell you “everything you’ll need” and I think being trash responsible isn’t a cake recipe. I can’t go out and buy all these materials in one store trip.

I have been calling around to thrift shops and places like that for mason jars – no one has any. So I guess I will be going to Walmart to buy some, prepackaged in plastic. -____- So defeats the point. As far as cloth bags for trail mix and produce, I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on how to make your own. I’m going to gather up some old pillow cases and see how that goes. Although, I don’t have a sewing machine and can’t sew at all. I’m going to assume that my lack of skills is going to make everything harder.

With all the fancy stuff, like bamboo toothbrushes and stainless steel straws, they’re going to have to come with time. Like I keep saying with the bathroom purge or with your kitchen, don’t go through and throw everything away and buy all new eco-friendly stuff. You’re wasting money with the stuff you currently have and it’ll be too overwhelming. I had to keep telling myself that today and I was shopping on lifewithoutpastic.com. No, I can’t afford to buy 10 toothbrushes for $60. That’s insane to me at this moment. I can however look and see what they offer and maybe save for one item. Step by step.

BUT! I did sign up for Nashville’s compost service! So cussing pumped. As I’ve said, at least half of my waste comes from food. I’m so excited to be able to put that in a proper location and have it be reused for something positive. On a selfish note, very excited to also maybe have the trash can smelling better. I’m assuming that’s where all the lovely smells come from and I’m really looking forward to not having to fight that smell battle.

Speaking of trash, we ran out of trash bags and needed to buy more. It made me so defeated having to buy them, even though I know they’re a necessity at this point in my zero waste life. I’m really, really, hoping it’s the last box of trash bags we will ever use. Granted, I don’t think I’ll be completely trash free like Lauren Singer, so we will need trash bags here and there. Especially because this is my journey and I’m not going to force my boyfriend to brush his teeth with baking soda or stop buying fruity pebbles. But I think I definitely produce the majority of trash in our relationship, so my goal is that by the end of this new box of trash bags we will only need the small size. Hey, maybe by then I’ll be eco-savvy enough to find a better way to line a trash can than with a plastic trash bag. Ooooh! Or maybe because all our food waste will be in the compost, we won’t even need to line the bin. Who knows.

Talk soon,

2 thoughts on “I’m Not a Millionaire

  1. Love this post! I fully understand the frustration you experience when starting zerowaste. I have recently began my journey too and was so overwhelmed at first. I had to keep telling myself “It’s a process, Megean” πŸ˜‰ My local thrift stores didn’t have jars either but I did find them on Craigslist for free! πŸ™‚


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