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One of the biggest areas, besides the kitchen, where I realized there was the most plastic in my life, was the bathroom. Although I don’t really mind it because most of the products that come in plastic containers are recyclable. Nashville accepts all 7 types of plastic, but I am currently doing more research to figure out what weird plastics I can and can’t put into my recycle bin, like my toothbrush and shampoo bottle. In any case, my friend Katie said I had to go checkout Lush, so we adventured.


shelf 2

The store is so cussing cute!

shelf 3

The main reason I wanted to venture into Lush and find more sustainable beauty products was because of chemicals. In all my sustainability research, I am learning about so many more forms of pollutants besides plastic – chemicals, being one of them. Before, I never cared about what was actually in my beauty products. Now, I am trying to be more aware.

The most shocking thing I have come across is microbeads. Here I am, trying to reduce my plastic waste, and the whole time I’m flushing plastic down my drains every night. Microbeads are most commonly found in body scrubs and facial scrubs.

Those little beads that I thought were just dissolving and creating the suds, are actually microplastics that I am then rinsing down my drain – out into the ocean.

I feel like such a hypocrite. Like I said in my previous post, I don’t want to throw anything away. So right now I am just crying, washing my face with this microplastic sadness, until I am done with the bottle. My face washes at the moment are Aveeno positively radiant skin brightening daily scrub and Neutrogena oil-free acne wash in pink grapefruit. I know that they are microplastics because they have “polyethylene” in them. Shoutout to those of you on Facebook who checked their scrubs and face washes for me! None of you had polyethylene in your products, so that made me happy. I will head on over to CVS or Target and let you know what I find. I wanted to buy Lush’s facial wash/scrub but I used up all my budget by the time I got all my hair products. Whoops! I also have bad acne and am scared if I don’t use harsh products on my face, it’ll come back.

Now, for the haul.

(L to R) Curly Wurly shampoo, R&B deep conditioner, T’eo deodorant, Dirty toothy tabs, Veganese conditioner.

Curly Wurly is a coconut based shampoo that has the consistency of a thick paste. They told me at the store to only use a nickel sized amount. I have been using a little bit more since I have so much hair, but it still definitely doesn’t feel like the shampoo I am used to. Although, once I’m out of the shower it feels completely normal. So far it’s weird, but I love it.

R&B deep conditioner is literally the greatest smelling thing. Seriously. Guys. Just buy this and stick your nose in it. It’s made with Jasmine and I am absolutely in love with this product. It goes on your wet hair after the shower and I even put it in my dry hair before I go out somewhere just so I can smell it. I bought the smallest size and use about a dime sized amount and still find that might be too much – and I have a lot of hair. Definitely worth the money for the amount, also the smell. Have I told you about the smell?

T’eo deodorant is…. interesting. First of all, I’ve never used a deodorant. I’ve always used an antiperspirant. Adjusting to sweating is… odd. Also, when I was researching Lush online, I assumed T’eo would be the same consistency as a solid deodorant stick. I was wrong. It’s made with sodium bicarbnate which feels like if flour and sugar had a lovechild. Applying this to my underarms feels like I’m just wiping dust under there and it’s just falling off. Surprisingly though, it works really well. Like I said, even though I’m now sweating more, it doesn’t smell. Also, if we’re being real – I had to start using a natural option. Without getting too gross and personal I was using my boyfriend’s leftover Axe deodorant that he hated because he said it burned. Thinking he was just exaggerating, I used it. Not only did my underarms break out in bright red hives, they were rubbed raw and layers of skin were peeling off. I had to stay inside for a whole day and just apply neosporin. How is that legal? Terrifying. Also, please tell anyone using Axe deodorant that they are making bad life choices and that they can borrow my neosporin if they need. Ugh.

Dirty Toothy Tabs was a last minute register purchase. One of the major advertising topics for Lauren Singer’s zero trash life is her making toothpaste with every reporter that’s interviewing her. Made me realize that yeah, that tube my toothpaste comes in isn’t recyclable and that sucks. Making my own toothpaste or buying a natural alternative would be a better idea. But listen, I don’t want to have to sacrifice my white teeth and fresh breath (most times) in order to save the ocean. If I have to choose one plastic to keep in my waste footprint, it will be my toothpaste tube.


As you can see, it wasn’t exactly enjoyable, but also not horrendous. You take the little tab, chew it to break it up and immeditaely start brushing your teeth with your wet tooth brush. I got the spearmint flavor because it smelled the best and most like toothpaste. Gotta ease into this situation… Chewing on it was definitely the worst part. So bad. The brushing wasn’t that bad and it foams up just like normal toothpaste. Overall I don’t know if I’ll be able to transition. It’s only $5 for 40 tabs, so I’m assuming that evens out with my current toothpaste, and the box it comes in is recyclable. I am worried about the effects of just using a product that basically is just baking soda and spearmint. I don’t want any cavities people! I will say though, my teeth feel more clean than usual and I’m assuming that’s because of the coarse texture of the baking soda vs the gel texture of my current toothpaste. (My boyfriend also tried it and was glad it left his mouth, but could get used to it.)

Finally, Veganese conditioner. I bought this because although I literally want to swim in the R&B deep conditioner, it’s just for after the shower and I needed something for in the shower. Very skeptical about this product as well. I have hair for days and usually go through a Costco sized conditioner in a month and now I am going to try and make a $25 8oz bottle last me the same? Yeah right. But as with all Lush products, you only need a small amount. I have only been using Veganese for 3 showers and so far it’s completely effective. Smells so good, it’s main scent is lemon and that makes me really happy. Currently, I am using about a half dollar sized dollop. Don’t know if I’ll purchase this again just because of the price and the fact that I am rocking a mane of hair. But it’s definitely a great product and if I had less hair, I would definitely fork over the dollars for it.


They also gave me a sample of Retread, another conditioner. I haven’t used this yet, but will keep you posted. I just thought it was so cool they gave both Katie and I a sample for the road.

The customer service was so on point. I was sat down and each product was massaged onto my forearm and washed off so I could feel and understand the benefits of each product.

lush arm

I definitely will go back to Lush. I had such a great experience and am in love with the way my hair smells. Everything was very pricey, but I understand that when things are natural and handmade, it’s going to cost more. Plus, the company is so sustainable and so eco-friendly. Visit Lush Cosmetics to read about everything they do and stand for. I almost don’t even care I’m spending an arm and a leg for something I can get for $3 at Target because the company is so awesome and I smell so awesome and the skin on my armpits isn’t falling off. So many positives.

Talk soon,

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