Crepe a Diem, Seize the Crepe!

So yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting in on a ‘Sustainability in Small Business’ discussion at Jackalope Brewery, put on by Urban Green Lab. The speakers were Brittney Blackshear and Chris DiNello, the business partners behind the foodtruck, Crepe a Diem.

Crepe a Diem

Listening to them was really inspirational. They are about 90% waste free, which is so impressive from a mobile restaurant. They use recycled plant based utensils, recyclable boats, napkins, and cups (without the lids or straw). Yes, it’s more expensive, but Brittney says she sleeps better at night knowing she might be making a difference in this generation’s plastic waste footprint. Chris made it clear that even though being green is more expensive, you can’t then turn around and upcharge your product. From a business standpoint it’s hard to justify buying a plant based fork, when the people next to you are using plastic forks for over half as cheap. That’s personally, why I think they are so amazing. They are sacrificing the money, for the cause.

The benefit comes down to relationships with vendors and customers, and knowing you’re putting out great quality, sustainable food. Crepe a Diem uses local ingredients whenever possible. Building up a trust and respect between vendor and restaurant has proved to be an asset that Brittney and Chris value and plan to keep around.

Crepe a Diem

I am so glad I got to meet them and talk to them about my personal sustainability goals and share thoughts about where this plastic pollution is going. I loved their spirit and enthusiasm toward going green and holding themselves responsible. They said sometimes it’s awkward telling a customer they don’t have a lid for their beverage, but for every person that asks why they don’t – that’s another person educated on plastic waste. To combat any products they don’t make in house, ie: canned sodas, Crepe a Diem has recycle bins placed outside their food truck.

Brittney and Chris go the extra step, and it makes me so excited for the future when I know people like this exist in the world. If you want to support Crepe a Diem please visit here for their schedule and menu. So if you’re in Nashville, I’ll see you at Sevier Park on Sunday!

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