Grocery Store Haul

Hey Guys!
Today was the first time I went to the grocery store and tried to buy items that were sustainable. I bought a lot of fresh veggies, but it was really hard to find vegetables that weren’t wrapped in plastic.



I usually buy bags of shredded lettuce, shredded carrots, etc. So this trip I was planning on buying a head of lettuce to cut myself. I was really upset that the lettuce heads were wrapped in plastic. Meanwhile each kind of cabbage, romaine lettuce, and a variety of other salad basics were not wrapped in any plastic.

The bananas drove me insane. I wanted to buy organic, but if I bought organic it came with a plastic wrap around tag. No idea why that’s necessary, seeing as it’s in a different section of the store. Maybe theft prevention, for people who put organic in their cart and ring up regular? Either way, so annoyed with that plastic.

My next confusion is cheese.

bags of cheese

blocks of cheese

So if I want to buy sustainable, non plastic cheese – where does that happen? I even wandered over by the deli where you can get fresh cut cheese off a wheel or block. All of those were wrapped in plastic as well. I am really confused about cheese now. Really confused.

I totally understand that I can go to the farmer’s market to get veggies without plastic, but where do you get cheese? I don’t remember seeing cheese at farmer’s markets, at least not blocks that were just open and had no wrapper.

This was also the first time I didn’t buy one prepackaged food item. No power bars, no frozen foods or dinners, no chips, no cereal. It was really weird over thinking everything I buy, especially because after I wrote down my grocery list and deleted all prepackaged foods, I was left with just ingredients to make enchiladas (ignoring the ever so illusive cheese). So what the cuss can I buy? I don’t want to eat eggs every morning. Yogurt’s containers are recyclable, but the foil or plastic seal isn’t. Every waffle or bread item for the morning is wrapped in plastic. At the moment I have oatmeal and egg whites for my “quick breakfast” items now – which still take longer than popping a waffle in the toaster while I put on my makeup.

The lesson I learned today, was I didn’t realize how much plastic I was actually buying. The most impact I made today was not putting anything in the plastic bags at the produce department, and not buying any prepackaged foods. I still had to buy items with plastic, though. I think it will get easier with time – but at the moment I am not looking forward to the fact that all the food I eat is going to take longer to prepare. I am, however, looking forward to less chemicals and teaching myself new tricks in the kitchen.

Talk soon,

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