Wait – What?

I get a lot of people who look at me like a crazy person when I store the recyclables in a pile at work, (there’s a bin on my walk home, so I can recycle them) or tell me they don’t really care and that 5 water bottles are not going to make a difference.

True. Collecting a couple water bottles and soda cans at the end of my day isn’t going to solve the problem, nor are those saved bottles going to make an impact on the greater issue. I do it to start a change in the everyday pace. If I start collecting bottles and one person I come into contact with changes their daily habits to incorporate recycling – I have succeeded.

Below is part III of a documentary from 2007 filmed by Vice. I highly recommend watching the whole thing, but the end result is the part with the most impact.

I hope I can persuade a few of you to understand how important a clean ocean is. In the documentary, they say every women tested has had a positive result for the plastic chemical inside them. Every. One. Our whole ecosystem depends on water, and all our water is polluted. Yes, you may not get cancer, you may not swallow a piece of plastic and die, but you are effected and infected by plastic.

The Captain of the ship says to the producer of the documentary that it’s impossible to clean up. Since this was shot in 2007, it’s thankfully out dated and a superhero has come through and discovered a way to help. Below is the TEDx talk from Boyan Slat discussing how he plans to/is cleaning our big blue ocean.

I apologize if my soap box attitude is being shoved down your throat, but I can’t say it enough that we need to do something about this on a day-to-day personal level. We are all responsible and we all can step up and make a change. Start with those 5 water bottles and let me know how it goes! 🙂


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