On Wednesdays, We Recycle.

Hey There!

So this is the blog about my journey to make a difference. Currently, my goal is to pass the Bottle Bill in TN, where I currently live. There was talk back in 2010 about passing it, with an overwhelming 10-1 vote for, but the bill fell through the cracks. I want to bring it back to the forefront and get down to brass tacks. This isn’t an issue that can be ignored.

I’m literally begging you to get paid for throwing your recyclables into a different bin.

If passed, the TN Bottle Bill will create approximately 2000 jobs and 500 small businesses. {source: http://www.tnbottlebill.org}

Against this bill? Have proof this is an awful idea? Please please comment below. The only way this bill will pass is if everyone is thoroughly educated.

Thanks for reading!

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